Mobile Application Security

Deploy, secure, and manage enterprise and third-party applications

Mobile app security for endpoint and mobile

IBM® MaaS360® with Watson™ mobile app security covers your public and private apps with a host of options. Choose from native-like unified app catalogs across iOS, macOS, Android and Windows, app wrapping (SDKs) for data leak prevention, AI analytics for installs and usage. Or select app-level tunneling for easiest access to corporate data when employees are on the go. MaaS360 also offers partner integrations including Cisco CSC, Entrust DataCard, Wandera, and IBM Cloud Identity.

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Mobile App Management

MaaS360 provides a unified app catalog with built-in security and operational lifecycle management capabilities. IT can distribute, update and manage helpful apps, while blacklisting those that are harmful or just waste time.

  • Modern unified app catalog to help you streamline endpoint and mobile app deployment.
  • Mobile application lifecycle management to help distribute, update, manage and protect public and enterprise apps.
  • Compliance and enforcement to help stop data leaks.
  • App volume purchase program support to help manage and track bulk app licenses.

Mobile App Security

MaaS360 enables an app container for your enterprise and third-party (public) apps. You can require authentication to access the container, set up single sign-on (SSO) for apps inside it, and configure data leak prevention (DLP) controls such as preventing cutting/copying/pasting app data outside the container.

In addition, you can wrap apps with security controls and enable app security with the SDK option to directly apply controls in the app code.

  • Protect enterprise applications with containerization to secure both private and public apps.
  • Enforce authentication and access control with single sign-on (SSO) access to containerized apps, security policies and other features.
  • Wrap apps with security controls to streamline workflows and deployment.
  • Enable app security with the SDK option to apply controls directly in the app code.

Gateway for Apps

MaaS360 enhances enterprise apps with seamless access to internal data and resources through an in-app VPN tunnel. A full device-level VPN connection is not needed, allowing for enhanced security and a better user experience on mobile devices.

  • An in-app VPN tunnel that enables private apps to access corporate data, content and files that are behind the firewall.
  • No VPN requirement so you can access the corporate intranet without initiating a device-level VPN session — helping to reduce costs, enhance security and simplify workflows.
  • Enhanced security that allows you to safeguard data in an encrypted app container on devices with data leak controls, and reduce opening corporate networks to devices with the VPN session enabled.
  • A better user experience with faster and simpler access to enterprise app data without multiple steps.
  • Seamless integration that lets you work smoothly with MaaS360 Mobile Application Security to safeguard data in enterprise apps.

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